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One of the finest works of the Wits Studio is still eager for its Season 3.You guessed it precisely it’s Owari no Seraph Season 3 or known as Seraph Of The End Season 3. It’s been Five years since Season 2 was aired back in 2015. And it is almost forgotten by many anime fans. This was the same case with Attack On Titan. It got its Second Season after almost 6 Years. But after that, it picked up the pace.

Seraph of the End Season 3
Seraph of the End Season 3

So we are still wondering what is Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date. Continue Reading this article to know.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date ?

When Season 3 Ended it was literally out of material for even one episode. And the Wit studio was as popular and it directly impacted in a negative way.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date ?
Seraph Of The End Season 3 Release Date ?

But its 2020 and both the two Criteria are drastically changed Wit is now one of the Big Studio toes to Toes with Madhouse [Anime like Death Note & One Punch Man] & Perriot Studio [Anime Like Naruto & Bleach]. And As of Now, there is more than 45+ Chapter which could be potentially be serialized into Anime[If only they wished to].

The Expectation and according to some strong and reliable sources: Seraph Of The End Season 3 will be Release in the Spring of 2021. 

What is Seraph Of The End about?

Let’s admit that we all came to about this anime after searching Similar anime to Attack On Titan.

Joke’s Apart. Owari no Serafu is a Japanese dark fantasy manga illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto, Written by Takaya Kagami and storyboards created by Daisuke Furuya. It was serialized into anime in 2015 with the first season: “Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign” consisting of 12 Episode. Later that year Season Two was out around October again consisting of 12 Episode. Both the season were pretty good and almost follows the manga with some minor changes.

What is Seraph Of The End about?

This is the story were the world is on the brink of complete destruction. And the cause is a human-made virus. Due to that Virus whole world Victim [Not talking about COVID here].But the kids under the age of 13 aren’t affected by that virus. Where you need to donate your blood to bloody Vampires [Yes they are Villians].

And the Story follows around Yūichirō’s battle against the Vampires for avenging for he’s family’s murder. Almost all children who were with the Vampire were lost all their Loved ones, Vampire lies to them that humans are extinct and now only these children are left and they cannot leave the area if they do they will infect from the virus and tell them Earth is being now ruled by vampires.

But, there is something different about Yuuichiro, he still believes that there would be some humans out there and he doesn’t want to be defeated by the vampire’s and surrender easily.

But his friend Mikaela Hyakuya believes that gaining superior rank in vampires would benefit more. Gaining their trust and able to grasp some internal knowledge and other secrets about humanity and the world.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Story

The second was ended on a cliffhanger and everyone wondering what happened to Yuuichiro and he’s rival/friend Mikaela.

There was a bit issue here, In the manga when Yuuichiro became a full demon and stays were in particularly in the anime, he immediately reverts back to human. So now in the anime, they have to come up with some twist for this issue or fault.

Back in 2016. Takaya Kagami, the creator of this anime has revealed that there would be even bigger vampires are coming in season 3 and with a new exciting new arc which will be not in the manga.

The fighter also will go out of the country to fight the same human from other vampires. And new powers and some epic fights were to be expected ahead and lots of character development especially Yuuichiro.

So let’s continue with the story: In season 3 we will see the Russian vampire noble Urd Geales. And we will see how its turned it out in the anime for those who want to know you can Read From Manga Chapter 41+ and all of this could possibly animated cause the fight gonna be just Lit.

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Cast

Owari no Seraph Season 3 will retain it’s all original cast and if you wondering who was in the cast here’s the full list

Miyu IrinoMiyu IrinoYuichiro Hyakuya (voice)
Saori HayamiSaori HayamiShinoa Hiragi (voice)
Yuka IguchiYuka IguchiMitsuba Sangu (voice)
Nobuhiko OkamotoNobuhiko OkamotoYoichi Saotome (voice)
Yui IshikawaYui IshikawaShigure Yukimi (voice)
Yoshimasa HosoyaYoshimasa HosoyaMakoto Narumi (voice)
Takahiro SakuraiTakahiro SakuraiFerid Bathory (voice)
Ken'ichi SuzumuraKen’ichi SuzumuraCrowley Eusford (voice)
Aoi YûkiAoi YûkiKrul Tepes (voice)
     CLICK There >>   FULL LIST

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Trailer

Seraph Of The End Season 3 Trailer

“There are no official Owari no Seraph Season 3 Trailer out. But you can watch and refresh the memories of Season 2.

Seraph of the End English Dub

Are you a fan of Dub Anime like me. Then you would be happy to hear that Seraph of the End English Dub is available and its pretty damn good and almost the dialogs are matched with the sub. You ask How I know?, Then I would like to tell you to I have Dual Audio [Eng+Jap].

Seraph of the End English Dub
Seraph of the End English Dub

And it’s available on Netflix, Funimation and Amazon Prime [Sorry Crunchyroll Users].

Will there be Seraph of the End Season 3?

Yes, definitely there will be a Season 3.Infact they even could stretch it to Season 4 If they wish for. Cause Manga is now pretty far ahead.

Was Seraph of the end Cancelled?

No, it wasn’t cancelled or isn’t going to be cancelled. It was only because they don’t have enough manga chapter to serialize that into anime. But now they have pretty enough so there would be anime.

How many seasons of Seraph of the end is there?

Currently, as of publishing this article, there is Two Season: SERAPH OF THE END: THE BEGINNING OF THE ENDSERAPH OF THE END: VAMPIRE REIGN.
And it is rumoured that the Season 3 would be aired in Spring of 2021.

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There’s not much to say here about Seraph Of The End Season 3.And Wit is not small anymore as it was used to be so there is hope. And with the booming popularity of Wit’s Animation people are now check other Wit Studio’s work like Seraph Of The End.

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