Shounen Jump cancelled act your age manga

The 29 year old manga author of shounen Jump, named Tatsuya Matsuki, was recently arrested for inappropriate behaviour against junior school girls. He’s acts were deemed pedophilic and he was arrested.

This was the 3rd time that a shounen Jump mangka was arrested over women harassment charges. The news gained steam quickly and spread like wild fire all over Japan.

Jump officials had to do something about it, or else they would face backlash. In order to come clean in the publics view, higher ups at Shounen Jump decided to cancel Tatsuya Matsuki’s manga, Act your age.

Tatsuya allegedly went towards a 8th grade girl and touched her without her consent. A figure similar to Matsuki was seen earlier that day teasing girls on the street.

According tto NHK news, the following incident played out like this

“According to the Metropolitan Police Department, there is a suspicion of indecent assault on the street of Nakano Ward around June 8th, when a junior high school girl walking on the road was approached by Matsuki by bicycle and touched her body.

After that, the Matsuki escaped from the scene by bicycle, and the Metropolitan Police Department, which received the report, was investigating by analyzing the image of the security camera.

Also, about an hour later, another female junior high school student suffered similar damage on a nearby street, and a person very similar to Suspect Matsuki was seen on a security camera, so we are investigating the relationship.”

You can read the Act your age manga here – Read more about it here

Shounen Jump Author arrested for molesting student

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