Solo Leveling Season 2 Officially announced and Release date

Want to read Solo Leveling ? Want to know the difference between Manga and Manhwa ? you will get every information about Solo leveling Season 2 in this blog so lets Start.

Firstly lets start with Should you Read it or not.

If you have already read it go to the bottom for Season 2 updates

What is Solo Leveling ? Lets Review :

Is Solo Leveling Worth Reading ? My answer is Definitely Yes!

Here is why,

I recently decided to check out a new series because of all the craze and checking out some of the manhwa panel and sure it was an eye candy for me so luckily I straight up went to read it .

While it had a bit of a slower start and a somewhat unlikable protagonist at first, things very quickly paced up to suddenly and surprisingly become super interesting and quite Enjoyable.

Solo Leveling Plot Review:

The story is about a young guy named Sung, who’s also called The World’s Weakest Hunter. This world is filled with powerful hunters who explore dungeons, defeat monsters and are rewarded with huge amount of money.

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They are ranked from E to S Class depending on their results & power just like one punch man. Hunters are also assigned party roles such as fighters, magicians, healers, assassins, etc.

He always got hurt even in a E level dungeon but he forced himself to do this because of her mother’s condition.

He wanted money to take care of her mother who is in coma for a long time.

In one of the mission he was nearly dead but yet miraculously solving the mysteries of a secret dungeon room, Sung unlocks strange video game-like abilities, accessed from a menu that only he can see in front of him, and is able to level-up his own skills & attributes extremely rapidly.

If you have played games like Witcher 3 or Watched anime like sword art online then you’ll love it because it is far more better than Sword art online because the story doesn’t focus on Romance part or it didn’t get downgraded as story progressed.
So yeah it’s a cool series, quite a lot of addictive fun to see this guy get insanely stronger constantly as he goes.
but hey, aren’t there a lot of series’ like this out there? The nobody loser becomes the cool strong man? However, where I find SAO and DanMachi disappoint, Solo Leveling continuously triumphs at every turn. The question then becomes:

What exactly makes Solo Leveling different?

What makes Sung better than killjoy Kirito & bland Bell?

Let’s talk about that a bit.

In Solo Leveling, everything Sung accomplishes feels rightfully earned, and after every extremely hard & close call battle wherein he is heavily rewarded with new skills that are so awesome that the viewers can see the change and development in him.

Every fight he has feels like a brutal fight to the death, and once Sung manages to take away the victory flag from the jaws of despair: his new unlocks are always rad as hell, and the series quickly delivers on letting us understand the new skills/weapons with dynamic video game menus, and in a short span of time we can see those power in action as well.

Sung also isn’t a little bitch like how Kirito & Bell often feel, Sung is a bit of a selfish, ruthless and overly calculative guy he gets what he wants. He’s just the right amount of average joe mixed with a pinch of edgy. Solo Leveling’s art is so gorgeous, hands down some of the best illustrations I’ve seen in a weekly publication, and they’re in full color! The art was the one who got me into this manhwa.

Solo Leveling also avoids more melodramatic segments that anime like this can often dip their hands into. There’s some tense & psychological moments outside of battles and some minor building themes of humanity and losing humanity as well.

I’d really recommend checking out this manhwa if these elements sound enjoyable to you. It’s the perfect read for someone like me who loves the concept of video games in anime/manga stories, but wanted it done more justice. I’d highly recommend this manhwa.

Solo leveling Season 2

Solo leveling season 2 has been delayed as the next chapter was supposed to release on 26th may but was not so.

D&C Webtoons have announced the end of the season on he chapter 110.

Solo Leveling Season 2 Release Date

(UPDATE)There are official reports of solo leveling Season 2 also known as i level up alone chapter 111 or i level up alone season 2 Release date that it will be continuing in August 2020.

Be updated here at Otakuarena for more updates and news

Difference Between Manga and Manhwa

Well to be precise and short manga is from Japan and Manhwa is from Korea.

Manhwa is a Korean Comic which Consists of computer generated webtoons.

I Literally loved the Manhwa of Solo leveling.

Solo Leveling Characters :

I am Including only some of the characters as it might spoil the Manhwa for you:

The Main Protagonist : Sung Jin-Woo | Trust me this wont be his personality in the First 10 Chapters.

Solo leveling Season 2

Jin Woo’s Yonger Sister : Sung Jin-Ah | She is pretty Cute though.

Sung Jin-Ah from Solo Leveling

The Accidental Friend of Woo as Woo Saves him and this guy here was impressed by him Yoo Jin-Ho

Yoo Jin-Ho from Solo Leveling

Laura a B Rank Healer

Laura from Solo Leveling

Where to Read Solo Leveling :

We highly suggest you guys to buy the official manhwa or Solo leveling Novel to support the creator or you can read for free online on Viz media.

i am really happy that the Solo leveling Season 2 is continuing again,

Whereas, this Manhwa is well-known for its wonderful Art and a decent plot.

Genre : various genres like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen and Webtoons

Solo Leveling Novel :

This Novel is an ongoing Korean Novel Written by Sung-Lak Translation of Solo Leveling means : I alone level up.

The Novel has aired a total of 269 Chapters.

I Personally loved the manhwa and it literally felt like i was watching anime but i really wish and want this to anime there are petitions going on for this Manhwa to be animated.

and If you are an Otaku a gamer you will literally love this.

Its Literally worth spending time on.

Please Read this and Let us know in the comment section which is your Favorite character.

Please allow the Notifications for more updates !

Arigato Gozaimasu!

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