The Irregular at Magic High School Season 2 Debuts Opening Theme

The Irregular at Magic High School has announced again for a second season. And this means it has debuted a new opening theme. The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc has eventually debuted as part of the new Fall 2020 anime season. Serving as one of the leading anime coming back for a new batch of episodes for the season. The new opening features glimpses of many of the battles and characters to come over this new season.

The Irregular at Magic High School Setting

The series is set in a world with an alternate history. Where magic exists and has been polished through modern technology. Following the 20-year long Third World War that reduced the world’s population to 3 billion. The world’s superpowers shifted to these four nations. The United States of North America (USNA), the New Soviet Union, the Great Asian Alliance, and Japan. Nine magic high schools exist in Japan.

The Irregular at Magic High School Plot

The story follows Tatsuya Shiba, a bodyguard to his sister Miyuki Shiba who is also a candidate to succeed in the leadership of the Yotsuba clan. He is one of the Ten Master Clans that govern Japan’s magicians. They enroll in First High School which segregates its students based on their magical abilities. Miyuki is enrolled as a first-course student and is viewed as one of the best students. However, Tatsuya’s technical knowledge, combat abilities, and unique magic techniques cause people to view him as irregular to the school’s standardized rankings.

Visitor Arc

Now that The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc has formally made its debut, the official Twitter account for the series launched a creditless model of the opening theme. It debuted with the cease of the first episode so that skill no new ending theme sequence simply yet. The new opening is titled “Howling” as performed by using ASCA. And you can take a look at it out below:

The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc is currently streaming on FunimationNOW. They describe the new season as such, “Miyuki Shiba’s classmate Kitayama Shizuku is on her way to find out about abroad. For magicians, this is usually impossible, considering allowing the genes of anybody who can use magic outside their home country’s borders is tantamount to giving up countrywide secrets.

And that’s how Angelina Kudou Shields, acknowledged as Lina, has arrived in Japan from the USNA to learn about at First High. Around the time Lina arrived in Japan, magicians started out getting attacked using a mysterious being. He leaves his victims drained of blood. Will Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba be capable to discover the identification of the Vampire?

What did you think of the Season 2 premiere? What are you hoping to see in the new episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the remarks or you can even attain out to me directly about all matters animated and different cool stuff.

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