The Witcher Season 1 Review is it worth watching or not ?

witcher season 1 review

The Witcher Season 1 Review :
This series got me hyped up in the first 2 episodes how lets talk about it

At first I wanna tell you guys that you might get a GOT vibe from this series and everyone is comparing this series from GOT . Where I think that won’t be fair because Game of thrones has a lot of episodes and this series only has 8 episodes for now.

Anyways coming to the review I really really enjoyed watching this series and I really wished that only if this storyline and the characters I could watch it in an anime style that would be really awesome because in this series we get to see magic,elves, illusions,monsters, the people who kill monsters (witchers) and much more even the details of the characters are so cool like the eyes of characters are out of the world like purple golden green ,etc etc

The most awesome part of the series I liked was the concept and a Game of thrones touch or vibe we get when we see it.

Who is a witcher ??

A witcher is a mutated human who kills monsters for coins and much more


This is the most interesting part the monsters have types and have names And the way they kill people and how they are born

Like a “Striga” which is a female born by a curse.

The main protagonist here is our guy named
“Geralt of Rivia” or also known as ” Butcher of Blaviken “. Who is a Witcher

Now will do the review of each episode lets start Witcher Season 1 Review :

1 Episode Review :

The first episode starts with our guy fighting with a monster in the water. Now here the main reason why many people stop watching the series is because of the first episode to get a hold of the episode. Here the episode gets a little boring In the start whereas gets very interesting in the second episode.

2 Episode Review :

In this second episode we get to see good action scenes and the understandings for the first episode that we didn’t get.

We didn’t knew what was happening in the first episode but In this one we will be shown things that will make sense to us.

3 Episode Review :

This third episode will give you a nostalgic feeling of GOT as it also show us the kingdoms Kings Brothels etc etc.

And a monster named “STRIGA” where Geralt will be fighting her and that fight will give you a horrific vibe but is a short fight though.

Episode 4 Review :

The Fourth Episode Starts with Unfinished Sequences the Episode starts with Ciri Wandered in the Brokilon Forest.

We Also get to See Some Sword Fight Action in the Castle and a big Character Development of yenefer in the Series…

5 Episode Review:

In the Fifth Episode we get to see Jaskier is ill Because of New Invisible Creature called Jin that Grant 3 Wishes and Also we get to see What Yennefer is looking for,as well as a Good Magical sequences In this Episode Also there is Lot more to see..

Episode 6 Review :

In the Sixth Episode Some Mysterious Guy Approaches Geralt for Some Reason and we also get to see Some New Characters as well.

Episode 7 Review:

In the Seventh Episode The Episode Revolves around Geralt and Yenefer there is a big thing which is Going to happen and also everything happen that Confused us in the Past Episodes which makes a lot of Sense in this Episode And Also We get to see Some Action Sequences.

Episode 8 Review:

In the Final Episode Of this season, We get to see Some Epic things and a very interesting twist.

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