Top 10 Strongest Ash Ketchum Pokemon

Pokémon is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut in the entertainment industry. It has anime shows, Live action movies, Games, Trading cards, and an unimaginable impact on the world! Ash Ketchum the main protagonist in the Pokémon anime is loved all over the world. So we went through all the Pokémon owned by ash and brought you the Top 10 Strongest Ash Ketchum Pokemon!

We only picked the Pokémon which Ash Had when he won major battles and his Pokémon proved their worth. Pokémon were sent away mid-season by Ash won’t be counted.

10) Krookodile

Ash’s Krookodile had a great personality in the anime and he was freaking strong, making him even more likable. Krookodile is already a strong pokemon in the games and the same is tru in the anime.

In the Unnova region, Ash’s Krokorok survived an ice-beam from a Dragonite! After taking the hit he evolved and took down the pseudo-legendary beast Dragonite. This earns Krookodile a spot on this list.

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9) Torracat

Ash’s Torrocat is a lovable and cute pokemon, he was with ash in the alola region. It is a flaming cat and its fire typing makes it even more popular, as fire types already look cool.

Torrocat somehow managed to takedown Kukui’s Incineroar. Torrocat evolves into an Incineroar just imagine how powerful he will be after evolving! Incineroar was widely disliked when he was first introduced because it was another bipedal starter

8) Snorlax

Snorlax is one of the strongest Kanto region Pokémons in the anime as well as the games. Ash’s Snorlax especially seems to be even stronger than other wild Snorlax. Ash has won multiple battles with this sleepy beat. Snorlax though originally from Kanto has made appearances in various leagues and regions. Snorlax undoubtedly is one of the strongest Ash Ketchum Pokemon.

7) Lucario

Undoubtedly Lucario is one of the most famous and strong pokemon in the anime as well as in many games. Lucario has just made his debut recently in the Pokemon Go anime and hasn’t had any significant battles. But we can guarantee he will be one of the strongest Ash will ever own!

Lucario deserves pseudo-legendary status, his mega evolution is one of the best and he is great competitively.

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6) Sceptile

Ash got his Sceptile in the Hoeen Region first, he got a Treeko who wasn’t the strongest and struggled even against weaker opponents. But it never lost hope and kept practicing till it evolved, and after that, it turned into a total beast.

What else could we say, it is a grass lizard which can launch its tail like a missile!

5) GreyNinja

Anyone who doesn’t put GreyNinja on their top ten pokemon list is crazy or just don’t like Grey Ninja. Grey Ninja has been winning the most popular pokemon in the world for multiple years now. Even though it first appeared almost 7-8 years ago it still is mega-popular.

Ash’s Grey Ninja on the other hand is a great fighter. It has moves which only he can learn like water shuriken. He can even put a water cloak around himself which looks like a mega evolution!

4) Infernape

Following the bipedal fire starter trend, we have Infernape. It is a fire-breathing monkey, it was inspired by the money king in the east and its design shows it.
Ash’s Infernape suffered a lot when it was a chimchar. Its original owner abandoned it for another stronger pokemon. Ash took it in and made him into his strongest mon. We will never forget the episode where Infernape went super Saiyan!

3) Charizard

Next up we have the coolest starter to ever exist, the most original fire dragon well not a dragon technically. Charizard was, is, and will remain one of the most popularised pokemon ever I don’t even need to start telling you about how strong Charizard is. It finally gains dragon typing on mega evolution, bit ash never mega evolved his Charizard.

2) Pikachu

Pikachu is the face, the brand ambassador of the pokemon company, and also to some extent of Japan. Imagine your country being recognized because of some mythical creature. It’s insane how much popularity this yellow mouse gained.

Not just popular for its cuteness, ash’s Pikachu is a heavy hitter taking down ground type pokemon in the anime. Many times beating legendaries with its thunder, although the level of Pikachu gets reset every season, it’s still one of the most powerful ash will ever own.

1) Dragonite

Dragonite! I bet you didn’t see this coming. Dragonite has been known as a legendary in the anime from the very first season. It was a mysterious pokemon that rarely made an appearance. It looked menacing yet cute.

Ash finally gets a Dragonite in the recent season. And even though he hasn’t had any notable battles yet, we can certainly guarantee you it will be the strongest pokemon ash ever owned!

That was the list guys, did you’ll like it? what more Pokémon should be added? tell us in the comments.

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