Top 5 Best Fan Service Anime released in 2020 !

Looking for Fan Service Anime released in 2020 ? then you are at the right place hop on and see what we got here.

The first one here is the most famous one in 2020 which is liked by many fans and is still going on without any further BS lets start this.

Best Fan Service Anime of 2020

1. Plunderer

Plunderer is an adaptation of a manga made by Suu MINAZUKI. this creator has made a lot of fan service anime such as Heaven’s Lost Property.

Status : Ongoing

Plunderer is a great anime and is right now loved by millions of people online. i mean yeah what can you do in quarantine. you could watch an inspirational movie or learn a new skill. but no , what you want to do ? watch an ecchi anime. well cant blame you i am here pretty much the same tho.

Plunderer episode 22

well this anime has an unique style which attracts watchers, the anime character has a unique style which is liked by people.

The release date of its ongoing episode has been revealed : Plunderer Episode 22 Release date.

Here is the Official Trailer of the anime Plunderer :

2. Interspecies Reviewers (also known as ishuzoku reviewers)

this anime was too controversial regarding its airing on Funimation and Japanese TV, Because it went too far. and if you watch the first episode of the anime yours will get hooked up uhhh sorry i meant you will get hooked up.

Basically its a guy reviewing other Species hottest girls and rating them, there are species like mutants , monsters ,etc etc. Believe me it will satisfy all of your fetishes.

Status : Finished

interspecies Reviewers under top 5 Fan service anime in 2020

The Creator of this serires is Amahara, apparently there is no information regarding this guy.

Here is the official trailer of the anime Interspecies reviewers.

3. Food Wars : Gou no Sara

Judging by the name i know you might be thinking i don’t wanna watch a cooking show but believe me you wont be disappointed. This anime has a lot of fan service or i will say (Food Orgasm).

Status : Ongoing

This anime has 5 Seasons the fifth season was released on 11th of April but due to the covid situation it is on a break and is starting soon. Rumors are it will start on 5th June. for those who haven’t watched this show this is a must watch because it has a good Story , Fan Service (of course ) and it will give you good cooking tips. and hey there are hot girls in it too.

Food wars is also known as Shokugeki no Souma.

This anime has a really good story as you can judge by its trailer here is the trailer for the anime Food Wars :

4. Monster Musume no Oisha-san

Status : Yet to Release | Release Date : July 2020

Monster girls and Nurses gives a promising hope by looking at the trailer its animated by ARVO Animation.

The Plot of this anime goes by in a town full of monsters and humans coexisting, Dr.Glenn runs an Clinic for monster girls. Glenn is very passionate with his work and treats every patient with full hardwork but something unusual happens will see in the anime.

Here is the trailer for the anime Monster Girls and Nurses :

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5. Uzaki-chan wa Asobita

Status : Yet to be release | Release Date : July 2020

Sakura Sinichi our main Character here is a little bit of goofy and loves to be quiet and in peace. looks like a girl who is perfect for me ! . well this manga is published by Fujimi Shobo. and there is a guy too in this anime so lets hope that this will satisfy you.


Checkout the anime trailer for the anime Uzaki-chan wa asobita

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So yeah these are the Fan Service anime which are released in 2020.Also keep an eye on our website : Otakuarena for more recommendations and News.

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