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Top 5 Junji Ito Manga you must read in 2021!


Junji Ito manga is also pretty popular in the anime community. Junji Ito is a Japanese horror manga artist. He is widely known for his Gorey artwork and spine chilling stories. He has been regarded as a master in telling stories, almost all of his stories have a sense of mystery in them.

So we went through most of his work, widely known and less known. We won’t be including Uzumaki and Tomie as they are already pretty famous and you might have heard of them. Instead, we give you the top 5 Junji Ito Manga which are top-notch in every category. Get ready to be spooked!

So here are the top 5 Junji Ito Manga

1) Hanging balloons

Hanging balloons follows the story of a Japanese High School girl who tries to find what had happened to her celebrity friend who committed suicide. She couldn;t wrap her head around the fact that, her mostly happy frined had committed suicide. But not many days past since her passing , when weird stories and rumors start circulating in school and the neighbourhood.

Some said they had seen a large face of a woman hanging in the air. Some say it was floating in the air blinking eyes and speaking. While some just thought it was a joke done for some tv show. The story unveils slowly. This one is a must-read for all manga fans. Junji Ito Manga’s are known for their last page climax so we won’t spoil it.

2) The Long Dream

The long dream is yet another thriller with its direct in the face story telling and signature Junji Ito gore. It follows the story of a man who realizes his dreams are getting longer and longer every night. On the surfac eit might seem pretty ridiculous,and it does to the doctors.

Yet somehow the story starts making sense in the second half. The dreams become so long at one point that they last an entire day. Without spoiling much we leave you with curiosity go and check it out for yourself.

Panel from the enigma of amigara fault

3) The Enigma Of Amigara Fault

The Enigma of amigara fault follows the story of a teenage boy who sets out to a location where an earthquake had taken place. The earthquake was not a real big one but due to it a fault had appeared in the ground,and it had bulged over the land besides it.

That’s not the scary part though, the fault was a normal after effect due to an earthquake. But the fault contained various human shaped holes, which fit perfectly for their human.

4) The Neighbourhood’s window

The neighbourhood’s window is a horrifying example of why you shouln;t bother your neighbours. A teenage boy who moves in a new house with his family suddenly realises that the house on the side of theirs is indeed closed. No one lives there.

But things change one night when our protaganists sees a woman in the upper floor window of the abandoned house, from there the story only gets spookier.

5) The Chills (Shivers)

This is one of the best Junji Ito has ever drawn. It follows the story of a cursed object. Whoever possesses the object is inflected with the curse and gets holes all over his/her body.

We won’t reveal the story as every part of it is so damn good. Combined with the detailed representation by Ito, uh you will goosebumps and might even throw up reading this one.

Well that was the list , did you read them already? or did you discover some new hidden gems,we certainly did. We recemond reading more of Ito’s work if you liked this list. But never ever watch the anime. The junji ito collections is a disaster of an anime. It takes out all the fun and creepiness of the stories.

Also, Toonami is producing a new manga adaptation UZUMAKI. The trailer looks awesome the music sounds awesome, this will finally serve justice to Ito’s vision. Watch the trailer here https://youtu.be/uWF6UBz9Amc



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