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Top 5 Sinnoh Pokemon from the anime and games!


Pokemon is a beloved anime series, almost everyone who picked up the games did it because of the Pokemon anime. Ash Ketchum is one of the most popular protagonists anime has seen. Throughout the pokemon journeys we went on with ash we explored various regions, one of them being the Sinnoh region. Today we will be looking at the top 5 Sinnoh region pokemon.

Note this, we won’t be limiting ourselves to the pokemon ash Ketchum caught or those who were seen on screen. Rather than that we will be counting down the top 5 Sinnoh pokemon according to their strength. Also to make this list even more fun we won’t be adding any Legendary pokemon or all the pokemon on this list will be legendaries.

Top 5 Sinnoh pokemon

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5) Floatzel

Flaotzel is a water type Pokémon that some may say looks like an otter while some may say it looks like a weasel. To me, it looks like neither, it looks like a bipedal dog that swims like a bullet through the water. Its pointed nose and shape make him, even more, faster in water. He is strongest against ground type Pokémon and is and I can’t stress this enough really really fast!.

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4) Glaceon

From the moment I saw this elegant beast I knew it was my favorite Pokemon from the pokemon Sinnoh region. It is another eveelution that was introduced in the Sinnoh region. It debuted along with Leafeon which is another eveelution. Although I liked Glaceon more, Leafeon is also very good in battle as well as conceptual design.

It’s an ice type of pokemon, which may be weak against fire types. But it has one of the biggest strengths, it can take down dragon pokemon with one shot. Such a small elegant creature slaying literal dragons, it can’t get better than this!

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3) Lucario

Make way for the coolest fighting steel pokemon out there, Lucario has a legendary design and a confident look. Almost everyone who sees it thinks it’s legendary, yes his stats are legendary but it isn’t even classified as a pseudo-legendary. With ash getting a Riolu in Pokemon Journeys, Lucario’s popularity is booming again. You can’t go wrong with him on your team, it is one of the best fighters in the Sinnoh region.

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2) Infernape

I may be a little biased picking Infernape over Lucario but Infernape is a literal super Saiyan!. Lucario as I said is one of the best fighting type pokemon available in the Sinnoh region, but Infernape is the best fighting pokemon in the Sinnoh region. And quite possibly the entire poke-franchise.

Infernape is a fighting Fire Monkley which is totally overpowered, the rest of the Sinnoh starters are considered very good as well, but none of them even come close to Infernape’s glory. Its design is inspired by the monkey king from the east. And seeing What Ash’s Infernape was and what it become, it’ll surely bring a tear or two in your eyes

1) Garchomp

Do I even have to tell you why Grachomp is the number one pick over here? I guess I have to.

Garchomp is a beast, it dominates in every category possible, it spams earthquake taking down opponent aft6er opponent that dare come in his way. Cynthia the champion in Sinnoh has a garchomp which is known for its dominance in the pokemon games. Just as you thought you were going to defeat Cynthia, her Garchomp appears and one hits your entire team.

The pokemon team created a beast and we love it. It’s a land shark how can’t you love it? Ash in the anime catches a gible early on but for some reason (plot) he doesn’t evolve him. We understand why though, it would have been totally overpowered and as we know ash doesn’t like to win leagues.

Well, that was the list guys, did ya’ll like it? Make sure to keep coming to our website for the latest pokemon theories and news.

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