Top 5 strongest Kanto Pokemon in the anime!

We here on otakuarena come out with the top 5 Pokemon list on the various Pokemon regions. And this time around we went to the original one, Top 5 strongest Kanto region Pokemon.

The list will be totally based on the Pokémon’s stats in the games as well as their influence in the anime. This list will not contain legendary Pokémon’s, because if we did we will get all legendaries in the top 5.

Kanto region was the first region that introduced us to the mythical world of Pokemon. And many who played Pokemon will have played this one first. This region is close to many people’s hearts and Ash Ketchum also started his Pokemon journey in the Kanto region

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Top 5 Strongest Kanto region Pokemons


Who can forget Ash’s Snorlax, it was a big fat grumpy Pokemon. He was freakishly strong and loved to sleep. He is one of the best normal type Pokemon not just in the first generation but of all time.

Many Pokemon regions try adding normal Pokemon but can’t execute it properly. Snorlax by far is the most popular normal type. Hsving him on your team will be big help, especially woith his bulky body and high defense!


This menacing looking Pokemon would scare the crap out of anyone who tries catching it. His smile is what makes his design so menacing. The word menacing now has a face and thats Gengar

Ash never got a Gengar but he a Haunter, maybebif he had trained him well we would have seen this Mon with Ash. This ghos pokemon can take out any high level pokemon with his moves.


The fans would have shut us down if didn’t include Charizard. But serriousdly, we didn’t just add him because of its crazy popularity. Ash’s Charizard was loved by everyone who watched the show. It a firev type pokemon.

It was the coolest Pokemon that came out of the Pokemon studios. It is a freaking fire lizard for God’s sake, what else do we need. He can carry your entire team if managed well. He surelly carried Ash’s team. His arrongant attitude was loved by mqany, seeung Ash struggle to get him to fight was top tier comedy!


This mysterious Pokemon didn’t come on screen for a long time in the anime. But, its existence was always teased.

Dragonite is the original dragon type Pokemon and is worth the title. Even after so many years, many people love it. Ash even managed to catch it in the latest anime. It is crazy strong and can hit hard at the entire elite four.


Alakazam is by far the most strongest Pokemon that the first generation had. For some reason, psychic type were crazy strong in the ffirst gen. Alakazam is stronger than every pokemon on this list. And can even go toe to toe against legendary Pokemon

So that was the list guys, did you’ll like it?. We try to make this list every month so feel free to turn on notifications.

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