Top 50 Anime List from MAL! How many Have you seen?

If you are reading this blog then I know you are an otaku so let’s see how many anime have you watched from this Top 50 anime list.

so this is the Official List from MAL according to the people and votes and etc etc.

Before showing you guys the list let us know in the comments section how many anime have you watched.

Here is the top 50 anime list :

Top 50 Anime
Top 50 Anime

So I’ve seen around 41 anime from this list. in this list many of them are long running and i know there are repeated anime with different seasons but these are from the people which are viewed the most.

No wonder why is death note on the first, coz we all know that its a legendary anime and now more and more of people are getting in to the anime scene. and their first anime is always Death Note.

Although the last one is clannad which i think is also fare but should have been in the place of Gurren Lagaan or Elfin Leid. what you guys think ?

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i was wondering why is Haikyuu not there i mean its a very very good anime and not only haikyuu not even a sports anime is in the list. mostly all shounen and fantasy anime. and also no Dragon Ball z i mean yeah its kinda old anime but a legendary which inspired other anime too. only if Dragon Ball Super was ongoing, it would have been in the List in the top 20.

Many anime in this list are Ongoing and many are finished like death note and Cowboy Bebop mostly Short anime. this list is mostly or should be called as top 50 anime of all time, because all the anime in the list are very very good and worth watching.

Also seeing noragami in that list is not surprising because the first two seasons are awesome but the creator of the anime hasn’t announced and is in the shadows about the season 3, Although the story is still left. there are rumors that the Season 3 will come in 2021, but only Rumors no Official Statements.

and also Fairy Tail is in this list which i shouldn’t be i mean i don’t know its my opinion because if feel that Fairly tail is a bit exaggerating its plot and i think Black Clover should be in the place of Fairy Tail. Because as far as i know and i am reading the manga, Black clover is straight up fire.

here is our list of New Top 8 Lewd Anime Out There if you have some urge if you know what I mean!

the most annoying this in this top 50 anime list by MAL is that there are seasons listed of the same anime i mean we understand but instead if you remove that there might be space for the anime which are in the 51-60 position and we get to know what all other anime are popular.

Although i know many of you might be thinking that there are anime in this list which are overrated. i mean a person who has seen a lot of anime would think that because there are a lot of underrated anime which people need to see.

Which anime is Overrated in this list Comment down Below !

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You guys can make you own list and comment down or mail to us we would love to feature you guys anime list and make a post about it if we get more emails.

If you are starting i mean if you are a newbie in the anime scene you can start off with following this top 50 anime of all time list mentioned above.

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