Top 9 Upcoming Movies in 2020 with Release dates

Top 9 upcoming movies in 2020

In 2019 we got to see great movies but let’s hope for the best ones in 2020. The upcoming movies of 2020 which are scheduled are :

  • TENET (17th of January)
    Once again Christopher Nolan is back with another to be blockbuster film “tenet”. Nolan has the ability to “mindf*ck” people this time we thik that it is going to be awesome by watching the trailer I was pretty excited
  • A Quiet place 2 (18th of March)
    The first part was great but, I am confused how they will pull off the sequel.
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (5th June)
    By watching the trailer was getting a 80’s vibe but deep down don’t have hype for this one.
  • Free Guy 3 (July)
    By hearing the name it kinda gives you a idea somewhere in your mind that it might give you a nostalgic feeling of GTA 5 game.
  • Godzilla v Kong (November)
    Honestly Speaking I think the story line will be trash but the action scenes will be Lit. The fight between these 2 will give you some entertainment in the bigger screens.
  • Eternals (6 November)
    As we speak marvel has entered in to a new phase whereas we don’t know much about it. But we expect no less from marvel.
  • Onward (6 March)
    Pixar films are really good and I really think we need more Pixar films.
  • Soul ( 17 June )
    Another Pixar film where we think will give you a good cry this year.
  • No time to die (8 April )
    Rami Malek who is playing the bad guy in the movie will be pretty exciting to watch.

So yeah these are the upcoming movies in 2020 which we think might have a chance to entertain this year and make a good impact in the Hollywood industry.

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