Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai fan service in episode 2 is God-level.

The Cafe Brawl

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai starts as we are in the cafe near the university campus. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very peaceful and relaxed, the notes of the background music spread everywhere. Together with the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee, they welcome customers.

In addition to the owner, don’t ask me why the owner of these places in Japan must always be a cool old man with backward hair and a vest, Sakurai works as a shop assistant in the restaurant.

Unfortunately, the thing is noticed by Hana Uzaki, it’s the end. The girl enters the room, the bell that heralds the entry of a customer rings, and with it, every hope of joy and tranquility leaves this part of the world.

The two immediately start to fight as they usually do but it seems that the old man at the head of the club is having fun. His instinct for understanding people is now so developed that he can understand everything with a single glance.

Obviously, with Uzaki it doesn’t work. The boss in fact exchanges the girl for an elementary school student but the thing is understandable, you must consider that the man was kneeling behind the counter and could only see Uzaki from the neck up. As soon as she gets up, her makeup is revealed, the girl’s disproportionate tits make her real age group much clearer.

We move on to the next day.

Sakurai, on the way to university, meets a cat. Since the boy has never owned pets, his biggest wish would be to pet as many dogs and cats as possible. However, this is not possible since the cat seems intimidated by his gaze and his ways of doing things.

For Hana Uzaki, however, the situation is the opposite, immediately the kitten takes a liking to the increased kohai and is caressed without problems.

Things were going too well. TAKE once again suddenly remembers what his audience’s tastes are, this translates into fan service. The breast-fed girl gets stuck in a hedge. In addition to the panties in plain sight, the shirt is also there to give in and reveal the oppai. “PUT AWAY THAT ASS,” I think it’s the best phrase shounen ever.

What to do now?

Obvious. Pull from behind in an uncoordinated way and with ambiguous lines just to give the impression to the passing people, of practicing some sexual act. Very good TAKE, you can see that you have struggled to create the plot of the series.

After a few short comic gags set in the university canteen. The scene in which the girl signals with her arms is already viral, understandable after all Uzaki is among the queens of the memes of the last few years and we know how important this is not? Now the popularity of a product is measured by the number of memes that arise, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about it.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the episode. Now Hana Uzaki has a new problem. She urgently needs help with a task to be delivered shortly and the only one who can help her is Sakurai.

Could it go as smoothly as what? Of course not! The two as usual begin their ritual made of arguing, screaming, teasing, and more. To resolve this, Uzaki invites himself to spend the night at the senpai’s house. Come on at this point sooner or later you should put them together.


Another very stupid episode based on comedy. This is not bad, on the whole, it makes you laugh even if things are always the same. Maybe those who regularly follow this kind of soul will have seen 1000 similar ones in the last year alone. I just keep going because I like Uzaki.

If it takes a more romantic turn it could be very nice as a thing. The animations of the Engi Studio continue to be good, nothing sensational and with a few smudges in terms of the number of frames but fully in line with what is the style of Japanese anime of the last years.

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