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Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Episode 1 Review

uzaki chan wants to hang out episode 1


Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! or ‘Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!’ in Romaji, is a 2017 shounen series by TAKE and published by Fujimi Shobo, a subsidiary of Kadokawa. The story has a strong comic connotation and deals with the relationship between the figures of Kohai and Senpai. The protagonist’s mission is to raise the spirit of her former high school senpai by trying to push him to be less antisocial and apathetic during his university life.

Interestingly, it has given the growing social problems of self-isolation occurring in Japan. The anime instead is the work of Studio Engi directed by Kazuya Miura, who had previously worked on other popular series such as Slam Dunk, Macross Frontier, Food Wars, and D. Gray-Man.


The first episode opens with a view of the university that will be the background to the events of the series. Among the cherry blossoms, everyone seems happy, upbeat, and bubbling with energy. A new school year is starting and Hana meets Sakurai Shinichi, her high school swim partner. The girl is 18, while Shinichi is 19, which makes them Kohai and Senpai.

The boy no longer practices the sport that united her to Hana, according to him, now many other projects keep him busy and to which priority must be given. Yes, and what is this bullshit corner?

uzaki chan wants to hang out poster

In reality, the Senpai does not have an emeritus strain to do. Every second of his time is dedicated to total idleness, as well as following the lessons, the rest of the day is dedicated to total fooling around.
Besides, Shinichi seems to want to always be alone, his character always leads him to move away from worldly episodes. Not out of shyness or anything, simple laziness.

This will be the end for him. Uzaki is forced to bring his senpai back to the spirit of the past, the shock therapy starts. The girl will begin to become Shinichi’s shadow. For me it is all a pretext for Uzaki to take on winking expressions.

The Cinema

One day, seeing that the Senpai had nothing to do, Hana practically gets invited out by force and deception. The two go to the nearby cinema, apparently, the boy usually goes to the theater alone. After getting some teasing, the senpai is moved by the sweetness of the girl and decides to offer her the cinema.

After the film, it’s up to the electronic shop. Here the good TAKE remembers that he likes money and shoots a bit of ambiguous fanservice. In the scene are involved, a massage chair, Hana, Hana’s boobs and archaic verses that I think after the recording the voice actress had to do the rinses with mouthwash and holy water to recover. After that, we have, the exercise bench, the VR complete with a new visit to Hana’s boobs, and the baseball field.

uzaki chan wants to hang out episode 1

To top it off, the two decide to have dinner together. The menu says Karaage (fried chicken) but the only one he actually eats is Uzaki. I would have pissed too. The next day the two meet again on the way to university. Shinichi seems almost pleased with her friend’s presence. After all, however antisocial, pessimistic and depressed you may be, having a sunny and energetic person next to you can change your life and give you the boost you were looking for.

Cute opening and ending full of images of our plus, who said between us, in addition to the breasts also have gigantic eyes, as a child, they fed her with bread and eye drops?


Obviously, we are faced with a demented comic series half ecchi and without too many pretensions. It seems like colossal trash but at the same time, it made me laugh. Maybe every now and then it takes a detachment of the master’s style Tatsumi, Shirato, Ishinomori. Even something silly like this can be nice if taken in the right spirit? Boohoo, we’ll see at the end of the series when I can tell you better. Okay, that is heavy but if I were Shinichi I would not be so bothered by the fact that such a pretty girl wants to spend time with me at all costs, maybe it actually takes woken up to the boy eh.

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