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Why Dr. Stone is a top tier shonen anime!


The 2019 anime masterpiece Dr. Stone wasn’t watched by many fans. And it’s really sad as this show is so much better than generic shonen anime like Black Clover and Boruto. Dr. Stone is a shonen that redefines the genre and not a lot of people dare to go this way.

Sticking to the original shonen formula makes a great anime and great fight scenes but nothing more than that. Dr. Stone is totally different in this aspect as it doesn’t even have its main focus on fight scenes.

The main focus being on their biggest power mankind has ever had SCIENCE

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Dr. Stone Plot

Dr. stone season 1 saw senku being revived due to pure luck. But senku being the badass protagonist he is, he managed to make a fluid that can turn back human into their original forms from stone. He manages to revive his friend and many other people but due to his life being in danger he also awakens his arch-nemesis.

Tsukasa has totally different goals compared to Senku. Tsukasa doesn’t want people revived who ruled the world and made weapons destroying nature. Instead, he wants to restore Earth’s natural order and sees this extinction-level event as Earth’s way of punishing us for the pollution we caused.

The story follows Senku trying to outsmart Tsukasa. Tsukasa manages to get a hold of Senku’s revival juice and starts creating his army of muscular hunks rather than smart ones. So he has a lot of brut force at his disposal.

But Senku has something greater than “science” he is literally the stone worlds Wikipedia. He knows everything that our world had created in modern times. He wants to re-establish modern civilization with technology. Tsukasa doesn’t want that and tries killing him multiple times.

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What makes Dr. Stone great

Dr. Stone is great at handling the pace of the show. Nothing seems rushed or slow. Whenever Senku tries building something we get invested in his journey too. And when finally he achieves his goal, we the audience feel a sense of completion

The experiments and tech created in the show are real and follow every rule the modern world technology follows. From the pulley system to literal guns. The show knows what it’s doing. And we get to see everything, from the collecting of materials to the melting and shaping of glass!

If you haven’t watched Dr. Stone this is the time you start watching it. The second season just started airing and has a great arc coming soon. So not watching it will be an insult to this show. This show has the potential to become an attack on titan level story.

The mystery surrounding the green light which turned people into stones is the same as that of from where the titans came. Dr. Stone if manages to keep consistency it can easily become a modern classic.

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